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Intermediate Copic Techniques

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Because homework/pictures are loaded sporadically I do not check in as often. IF YOU LOAD HOMEWORK PHOTOS please email me to let me know or email me the photos so I can comment & address any issues/concerns you have. My email is

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To start I suggest you head to the RESOURCES TAB above and print all your pdf files and resources first!

Then access the VIDEO TAB above to start watching the videos! You can see all the Homework Assignments below on this page and at the end of each video. The MAIN SITE (link to the left) has all the NEWS and INFO you need if you need extra help! Thanks for your patience!



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Welcome Friends! I'm happy you have decided to take a Copic Class online with me and I'm very excited to be able to Cyber-Teach you! This is not a Certification Class but we will focus on Intermediate Coloring/Shading and Highlighting Skills. If you joined me for Class 1, then Welcome Back!! By the time you finish this class you will know how to COLOR, you will be comfortable with your markers, techniques and ready to advance on! REMEMBER once you enroll you have an ENTIRE YEAR to complete the class--you go as fast or as slow as you'd like, at anytime you'd like!

I hope you enjoy this class and take full advantage of all the resources and video instruction. 

Each Video is listed in the Video's Tab at the top of this site. Almost every video has a coordinating PDF File that you can download and print in the Resource Section. Also in the Resource Section are LINKS to everything you might need or want for this class and products that I recommend!

PLEASE RESPECT ME, MY SITE and the time I"ve put into these classes and do not share any of the resources on this site. Some of the resources are PUBLIC and on the MAIN SITE for everyone to download. My PDF Files are copyrighted along with my videos--keep that in mind! YOU MAY NOT INVITE OTHER PEOPLE HERE--I MODERATE ALL INCOMING MEMBERS AND MUST APPROVE THEM AND I DO CHECK MY PAYPAL RECEIPTS!


Homework Assignments

Homework Assignments should be uploaded to the Photo Gallery in the
correct album as noted. This is optional, but if you do upload I
can give you feedback on how to improve and/or what to try.

Remember to TAG YOUR PHOTOS with the Tag I listed next to each Homework Assignment (EXACTLY LIKE I HAVE IT) or I will not be able to find your photos!Just leave your email in the description box for your photo along with the Copic Colors you've used!

To load your homework, go to your classroom site and click on the Photo tab at the top. Then click on +Add Photos--here you can upload your photos. Once they're loaded it will give you options for each photo that you've loaded---description, title, tag. In the description box put the copic colors you've used and/or any concerns you have. Then where it says TAG--type in the tag I assigned to each homework (ie. album1, album2) and then save it! And you're good to go!

Homework Assignments:

Video #1--Stamp some images where there are varied folds and/or pleats in the clothing. Practice coloring these with any copic combo you'd like. TAG: album1

Video #2--Print out those resource and pdf files!

Video #3--Try out your browns and coloring wood--color tree trunks, fences, chairs, etc and upload at least 2
finished images. TAG: album3

Video #4--Practice coloring different brunette hair colors--any browns you choose! TAG: album4

Video #5--Try creating blacks on different images--clothing, shoes, hair and object using the Gray Copics. TAG: album5

Video #6--Practice coloring images white--stamp at least 3 images and practice this technique using different grays and/or soft blues. TAG: album6


Video #8--Practice Bridging Colors--use a light and dark Copic color from the same Color Family and make a middle color using the method that I taught you in the video. TAG: album8

Video #9--
Practice those GREENS! Practice on an image with LEAVES and then take the same green combo you have and color an image with clothing. TAG: album9

Video #10--Stamp an image with clothing and practice coloring folds and realistic shading on the clothing with your favorite Copic Violet colors (or other combo if you don't have violets). Stamp a second image that features a flower or object and practice coloring with a lavender/violet combo. TAG: album10

Video #11--Choose 2 or 3 images and try the Feathering Technique using different color combos (your choice)--have fun! TAG: album11

Video #12--Choose a few images that feature water, the sea or the ocean and practice coloring with a combo of blues keeping my tips in mind when coloring. Add white highlites if you'd like. TAG: album12

NO HOMEWORK for Video #13

Video #14 Extra-- Choose an image that you can use as many of Class 2's techniques that you can! TAG: album14


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